The Quintessential White Chocolate Mocha

27 November 2012

The Quintessential White Chocolate Mocha from Teenie Cakes -

The White Chocolate Mocha.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? This hot beverage, along with a Chai Latte or the seasonal Pumpkin-Spiced Latte are not only my guilty pleasures, they are comforts in a cup. Aaaah! That first hot sip of perfectly foamed non-fat milk, as your lips break through the foam to the sweetness of the coffee’d drink mixed with the perfect balance of White Chocolate Mocha sauce. I’ve tried these hot drinks at various coffee houses and offerings, and for me – none other compare than those served at….well you know where. A cup a day can add up rather quickly ($$$), especially this White Chocolate Mocha that is one of the more pricey beverages on their menu.

I enjoy these beverages at home now. It takes all discipline, but I keep it to one guilty pleasure a day. Calories and caffeine add up. This is just how my favorite coffee house makes it. After making this beverage a couple times, you won’t need to measure – it will be pure preference.

It’s comfort in a cup!

Hubbs laughs when he hears me order this drink: “Hi, Uhm…I’d like a Tall, Non-Fat, White Chocolate Mocha without Whip.” Now some may argue that it’s not a true White Choco Mocha without the whip! That could be true, but saving those whipped cream calories for something else is the secret!!

The Quintessential White Chocolate Mocha from Teenie Cakes -

This is a filling drink that leaves you full and if you’re not careful, can add up in both dollars and calories (if you care about those sort of things).

The Quintessential White Chocolate Mocha - Prep from Teenie Cakes -

So what’s the secret? Make it just like they do at your favorite coffee house. For my mocha, I use the exact, same sauce/syrup they use which is the FontanaTM White Chocolate Mocha Sauce. One, 12-ounce White Chocolate Mocha takes about 1.5 fluid ounces of sauce. The 63-ounce container of sauce made by FontanaTM costs about $22. I’ll let you do the arithmetic…compare that to how much the same drink will cost you at Starbucks (you knew it was Starbucks all along, right?).

I keep this container in the refrigerator and look forward to using the syrup for other sweet treats besides the hot beverages. You can find inexpensive frothers that cost about $10 that do a fantastic job of frothing your hot milk for maximum delicious frothiness and beating air into the milk that gives it that silky, smooth texture.

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Teenie Notes
  • Need an inexpensive frother? Ikea and Williams Sonoma carry a $10 frother (nice stocking stuffer too!), that do the job.
  • Keep the sauce in the refrigerator to ensure freshness through the expiration date.
  • Shop around on the Internet for the best price on this sauce. I can’t compare it to other sauces, as I’ve only used and tried this one and since it does the trick for me, why compare further?
  • Measurements are rough, as your preference may differ as to how much espresso/coffee to use in relation to the syrup and milk.
  • Try it with soy, almond and other milks.
  • If you’re using the pump that comes with the sauce, 1 pump of the sauce = about 1/2-fluid ounce.
  • I like my hot drinks temp HOT! After frothing the milk, return it to the microwave for another 20-30 seconds. Remove from microwave and optionally re-froth the milk again.
  • If you froth: Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to operate your frother for best results and safety!
  • Note: If you’re using whipped cream, use a little less milk and leave room in your cup for the whipped cream.
The Quintessential White Chocolate Mocha

Makes 1, 12-ounce beverage


1.5 fluid ounces (or three pumps) FontanaTM White Chocolate Mocha Sauce
1 shot Espresso or strong dark coffee

12-ounces Steamed Milk (non-fat, low-fat, whole, soy, almond, etc.)

Whipped Cream (optional?)


Pump the White Chocolate Mocha sauce into the cup. Add the espresso/strong black coffee and stir to combine well.

Measure out the milk in a microwavable container, leaving plenty of room on the top to froth after heating the milk. Microwave for 2 minutes and 15 seconds (your time may vary due to preference and your microwave). Remove from microwave and froth. Optional: Return to microwave and heat for another 30 seconds.

Add the steamed milk to the prepared coffee cup of sauce and espresso/coffee.

Spoon any remainder frothed milk on top of the mocha.

Optional: Add your whipped cream.

Enjoy your day with the comfort that is sweet goodness in a cup!

The Quintessential White Chocolate Mocha from Teenie Cakes -

by Cristina A-Moore

Breakfast & Brunch · Cocktails & Beverages

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Amber (Sprinkled With Flour) December 6, 2012

This mocha sounds amazing…and beautiful photos too!


RKM December 6, 2012

This looks delicious! Would go great with a nice scone in the morning. Great photo’s.


Joy November 28, 2012

I love the recipe.


Samantha November 28, 2012

Ya had me at white chocolate. I figured it was starbucks and they do make a good wc mocha. Didn’t even know they sold the same stuff its made of at SB. Putting it on my try list when its available again.


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