Summer Raspberries (series)

9 August 2013

Summer Raspberries |

Beautiful Ruby-Red Summer Raspberries.

I’ve been trying to pace myself as to how much I portion the slices of that Raspberry-Almond Crumb Tart I made a few days ago. It’s taking a lot of willpower not to just dig in and finish the whole darn tart!

The garden started this year with two raspberry and one blackberry bare root plantlings. They didn’t make it (yes sadly, all three plants)…very crushed about that! Was looking forward to those summer berries from our garden. However, there’s still two clamshells left of that Costco six-pack packaged with these ruby-colored beauties. Hmmmm…

Raspberries have a rather limited freshness life. If we don’t end up just snacking or enjoying them with breakfast, I have a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try that involves French pastry (hence the recipe calls for a generous amount of butter!!). Any guesses?

From the archives – some recipes using raspberries:

by Cristina A-Moore

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Ash-foodfashionparty August 15, 2013

Gorgeous is the word. I love the fonts you use in your pictures Cristina.


Cristina August 16, 2013

Thx Ash. Fonts are fun – they’re right up there with food and photography with me. Thank you for noticing the typography. :D


Nami | Just One Cookbook August 14, 2013

Raspberries are so delicious AND cute to be photographed.. :)


Cristina August 16, 2013

Raspberries are cute with their little nubbs and are fun to photograph! :)


Rachel @ August 14, 2013

I’ll be using my raspberries for the raspberries, white chocolate and almond blondies. It looks divine.


Cristina August 16, 2013

LOL! – Thanks Rachel. Those raspberry blondies w/the white choco are delish! :)


Laura (Tutti Dolci) August 10, 2013

Beautiful, I love raspberries photographed on silver tones!


Cristina August 11, 2013

Thanks so much, Laura! :) -x


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