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A lifestyle journal about food, recipes, edible gardening, and photography.

Eat to live, not live to eat.


Thank you for visiting the About & Contact page and your interest in the Teenie Cakes journal. I’m a wife, gardener, corgi-parent, culinary enthusiast, and food photographer (among many things) and have carved out a little piece of the blogosphere to share just some of my loves through my writing and photography. The Teenie Cakes journal began themed about cupcakes and muffins in 2007.  I had notions that one day I’d open my own cupcakery and put that business degree to use with my enthusiasm for culinary fare.  “Teenie Cakes”  is a name my Husband called my mini baked treats (pulling from my name “Cristina” aka “Tina” = “Teenie”) and so it was how the name became used for this blog.   Since one can only eat so many cupcakes, the site has since evolved to include a myriad of other recipes with the following in mind:

  • Using a lot of fresh, seasonal produce both from my edible garden and markets – and using extra virgin olive oil when possible;
  • Discover and use healthier eating and food preparation alternatives;
  • Experimenting with ingredients, flavor combinations and techniques that are new to me;
  • Portion control presentation and servings for dishes and desserts when possible;
  • Portraying tasty, beautiful food through writing and food photography.

With a BSBA and over 10 years as a Web applications developer and designer for Fortune 500 companies this is my creative outlet bringing together my loves for both technical and creative projects. This site is a lifestyle journal about food, recipes, edible gardening and my love for photography. The journal is also a way for me to share recipes that I develop, experiment with, try and test from other reputable and published sources – plus some culinary adventures experienced in bakeries, restaurants, festivals, wine tastings, etc.

I want to draw you in by the title of the recipes and for you to eat with your eyes  when you discover what I’m sharing and presenting to you. I want to entice you to want to taste it, make it and enjoy sharing it with the people you care about too.

Food Photography & Food Styling

Unless otherwise noted, the photography on Teenie Cakes was photographed and styled by me, myself, and I. Please contact me for terms on images for either Web OR print usage and any content reproduction. The photography and images are copyrighted with all rights reserved. Some of my work is available for commercial use through a global stock agency – please see the photography section for more details. More of my photography can viewed on my portfolio, CristinaAMoore.com.

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I appreciate your comments, feedback and inquiries on my personal food, seasonal recipes, and photography journal, Teenie Cakes, and/or my food photography portfolio, Cristina A-Moore Photography. Please use this contact form for questions that are not related to one of the site’s posts where the comment form can be used.

Thank you for your interest and visit to the Teenie Cakes site!

Note: Contact customer service departments directly (namely Costco or any other companies mentioned). I cannot answer inquiries about where or how to locate Costco’s products or cookbooks based on my mentions of their merchandise.

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