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Olive Oil Gelato

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gelato - Ice Cream recipe |

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Gelato. Olive Oil gelato? It's the "olive oil" + "gelato" that caught my full attention. I just couldn't fathom what an olive oil gelato (or even an ice cream) would taste like. So it was a sure thing that anything else that was on my list to make these next weeks was going to be gently bumped down the rather lengthy to-dos so I could make this unusual flavor gelato a priority!

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Food In Focus: Summer’s Figs and Tomatoes Harvest

summer’s tomato harvest- edible gardening |

I don't usually talk about "photography" on the Teenie Cakes journal and used to save that for my photography blog (which is not live right now). There are many shoots that are not shared unless they're related to a specific recipe. So now I'm asking myself, "but why not ?" This is a photography journal that has always centered around food and recipes. Just recently I've added the edible garden section because it's such a big part of my life and love right now...and it fits makes sense. This is part of my "edible garden" category on the Teenie Cakes photography journal. A

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Strawberry and Apricot Crisp with Pine-Nut Crumble

Strawberry and Apricot Crisp with Pine-Nut Crumble recipe |

Considering how much I love fruit crisps, I don't make them nearly enough. Aren't they a distant cousin of pies without a crust? I've made some delicious crisps in the past and with some, just didn't think it could get any better...that is until I met this strawberry and apricot crisp with pine-nut crumble. It has to be, hands down, the best crisp I have ever tasted -and- made.

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Rustic Guava Jam and Cream Cheese Pastries (pastelito de guayaba)

Guava Jam and Cream Cheese Pastries (pastelito de guayaba) recipe |

A fondness for guava and the recent find of some guava jam has me conjuring up sweet treats. From what I've read, traditional guava pastries or pasteles/pastelitos de guayaba uses guava paste. I'm using guava jam for these pastries wrapped in flaky and buttery puff pastry. It's South American flavors meets French buttery pastry...

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Roasted Red Grapes Crostinis with Ricotta, Pine Nuts & Thyme

Roasted Red Grapes Crostinis with Ricotta & Thyme recipe |

These crostinis are toasted with the lightness of extra virgin olive oil and then smeared with a dollop of soft and creamy ricotta cheese. Nestled on top of that ricotta are a couple of sweet, red grapes and buttery delicate flavors from toasted pine nuts. Sprinkled with thyme and optionally some coarse have a refined snack, appetizer or small side!

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