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Sweet Potato, Pecan and Cinnamon Bread

Sweet Potato Pecan Cinnamon Bread -

Is there anything more welcoming than a kitchen filled with the aroma of something baking? An easy bread to prepare with some surprising ingredients. It's just as good for breakfast as it is for serving with dinner.

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Two-Colored Squash Cake and Squash Pistachio Crisps Biscotti

Two-Colored Squash Cake and Squash Crisps Biscotti

Still have some garden squash from your harvest or stocked up from the market to use with your Inspiralizers? I have a hidden gem of a cake to share that uses two different squash (zucchini and yellow squash), adorned with pistachios and sprinkled with fennel seeds. It's a keeper and I'm calling it Two-Colored Squash Cake and Squash Pistachio Crisps Biscotti!

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Greek Pasta Salad with Rotini and Feta

Greek pasta salad with rotini and feta

A spin on a classic dish with all the perfectly paired flavors that make up a Greek salad. Hands-on time is minimal with tasty returns on this fresh and easy chilled pasta dish that can be served as a side or main course!

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