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Double Chocolate Ricotta Muffins with Kumquats & Walnuts

Double Chocolate Ricotta Muffins w/Kumquats & Walnuts recipe |

I've been on a chocolate binge these last months. Really. Crave chocolate more than I ever have and noticed that I don't have a lot of chocolate recipes on Teenie Cakes that reflects my adoration for the ingredient. Will be changing that. These are quick to whip up double chocolate muffins that use cocoa powder in the batter and then some chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. The ricotta cheese gives a lovely moist texture...but the real star to these muffins are the kumquats. Chocolate and kumquats - the perfect pairing!

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Apple Pecan Cake

Apple Pecan Cake recipe |

This is a great cake for any time of the year. The recipe includes ingredients that you'll readily have in your refrigerator or pantry (for the cook or baker). Ingredients like an apple, pecans, yogurt, and applesauce makes for a more healthful but moist treat of a cake...

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Raspberry Coconut Friands

Raspberry-Coconut Friands recipe |

Friands. Have you ever heard of or tasted the smallish almond cakes called friands? From what I've read (and as evidenced that they're not common in bakeries in the U.S. and try to find a friand pan!), they are quite popular in Australia and New Zealand. At first sight, you may mistaken a friand for an oval or rectangular shaped muffin. They're sometimes almost visually indistinguishable from a cupcake or muffin if baked in a traditional muffin-shaped pan. However, once you've experienced a friand...

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Pistachio Raspberry Tea Cakes

Pistachio Raspberry Tea Cakes recipe |

With all the bright and colorful berries in full force and offerings from our markets right now, besides eating them fresh it's also a great time to incorporate these lovelies in some baked fare. These Pistachio Raspberry Tea Cakes are just gorgeous with fresh, red, and plump raspberries peeping through the crowns, adorned with creamy green colors from the pistachios...

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Cheddar Beer Bread (with Rosemary!)

Cheddar Beer Bread - cookbook review |

No matter what time of the year and irregardless of what season you're in, the aroma of fresh baked bread is irresistible. Whether you've kneaded and worked the bread dough yourself or garnared the assistance of your trusty bread machine, those efforts for freshly baked bread...was done with love. So imagine, if you will, the last 30 minutes or so of this cheddar beer bread (with rosemary!) baking - the aroma...

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Flu Shots & Pear and Walnut Muffins

Pear and Walnut Muffins - a cookbook review |

With all the flu epidemic coverage on the Nightly News with Brian Williams and Scott Pelley from the Evening News, I was feeling like the odd man out not having had the flu shot yet. So last Friday around 11:30 AM I had that trusty flu shot-cocktail administered. Now...just to preface, I've been pretty lucky in the past with flu shot side effects. Usually, no side effects except for a very sore arm. Four hours later, Hubbs and I meet friends to try out a new restaurant. Heading home after dinner, I had Saturday breakfast on my mind already. My cousin and nephew were arriving bright and

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