Flavors of Italy

Olive Oil Gelato

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gelato - Ice Cream recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Gelato. Olive Oil gelato? It's the "olive oil" + "gelato" that caught my full attention. I just couldn't fathom what an olive oil gelato (or even an ice cream) would taste like. So it was a sure thing that anything else that was on my list to make these next weeks was going to be gently bumped down the rather lengthy to-dos so I could make this unusual flavor gelato a priority!

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Roasted Red Grapes Crostinis with Ricotta, Pine Nuts & Thyme

Roasted Red Grapes Crostinis with Ricotta & Thyme recipe | TeenieCakes.com

These crostinis are toasted with the lightness of extra virgin olive oil and then smeared with a dollop of soft and creamy ricotta cheese. Nestled on top of that ricotta are a couple of sweet, red grapes and buttery delicate flavors from toasted pine nuts. Sprinkled with thyme and optionally some coarse salt...you have a refined snack, appetizer or small side!

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Fig, Goat Cheese, Pistachios w/Honey Crostinis

Fig, Goat Cheese, Pistachios with Honey - Crostinis recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Have 2 or 3 figs to spare before the summer is all over? Here's a quick & tasty appetizer (although I enjoyed it as a dinner) that's sure to make a palate happy that enjoys these flavors. In fact, it is so quick and easy it really doesn't even need a recipe!

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Meyer Lemon Olive-Oil Cake
with DIY Meyer Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Citrus infused olive oils. I'd been on a quest to find some good citrus extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) infused with either orange, lemon or meyer lemons. Infused EVOO are easy enough to find and a bit costly! Purchasing a bottle would barely yield me enough to make a couple of baked good recipes I've been anxious to try and experiment with. Using EVOO in cooking, brushing it on to breads, using as a condiment, as a dip and most deliciously - using it in baking, is one of my favorite ingredients. So, it made both logical and economical sense to start learning and experimenting infusing

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Baked Rigatoni al telefono with Smoked Mozzarella and Aubergine/Eggplant

Baked Rigatoni al telefono with Smoked Mozzarella and Aubergine - Eggplant recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Browsing through the produce section in Sprouts a couple of weeks ago, I turned the corner of a group of vegetable bins not realizing I had just squealed in surprise out loud! Someone might have thought that I happened upon a crate full of puppies. Instead, it was a bin of baby eggplant! This discovery was quite novel to me because I have seen eggplant before but never baby-sized ones -- and they were cute! At 10 baby eggplants for $1, I meticulously rummaged through the bin to select 10 heroes (later to return to collect 10 more). My mind was racing as to how to make good use of these edible

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