Costco’s 2010 Annual Cookbook – Smart Cooking The Costco Way

Costco's 2010 Annual Cookbook - Smart Cooking The Costco Way

Please note: This is a post about a cookbook that Costco offers during the Thanksgiving weekend, while supplies last.  I’m sharing this information with readers in good faith.    I cannot send recipes to your email addresses or search the internet to find copies for you.    Also, due to the voluminous inquiries about Costco’s cookbooks, I have discontinued answering  emails about where to get their cookbook.

You can obtain PDF copies directly from Costco’s Website (links provided below) or look for past issues sometimes offered on eBay by third parties.

I am not associated with Costco other than shopping at their warehouses.

About this time of the year, for the last nine years, Costco has treated their members with an annual complimentary cookbook from The Costco Way series. This year’s recipe collection is packed with over 300 inspiring recipes showcasing meals and dishes using their own brand named items and those of well-known vendors. The recipes can easily be adapted using other products, but its presentation and layout makes it enticing to try it with products offered in their warehouses by their suppliers.

This year the theme is Smart Cooking and includes the following sections:

Appetizers and Beverages
Salads and Soups
Side Dishes
Chef’s Choice

What I enjoy about these cookbooks are the diversity of contemporary dishes that’s featured by both their suppliers and celebrity chefs like Mario Batali, Ellie Krieger, Steve Raichlen and several more.   Every recipe is showcased with a mouthwatering image (most of the gorgeous food photography by Iridio Photography) that draws the reader in and beckons you to want to try every dish for yourself.   The recipes are straightforward and designed to be enjoyed by today’s home cooks without having to invest hours to enjoy tasty and many healthful meals.    Some of the recipes also include nutritional information for those with dietary needs.

During the year, I’ve received several emails from readers asking where they can find past Costco cookbooks.   I have found many of these cookbooks sold on eBay, sold individually or as sets.

A secret for the masses

Past issues of their cookbooks are available in PDF format on the Costco Website.    I’m including links for you to enjoy.

Why wait?   This year’s cookbook is  available right now through this weekend while supplies last and it’s complimentary (meaning free!).      That has to be better than any Black Friday or weekend sale you got up early or stood in line for!

Recipes the Costco Way – Past Issues in PDF format:
Costco Annual Cookbooks - Recipes The Costco Way

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2007 Favorite Recipes The Costco Way
2006 Cooking in Style The Costco Way
2005 Creative Cooking The Costco Way
2004 Easy Cooking The Costco Way
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2002 Entertaining The Costco Way

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Please note: I am not affiliated with the Costco Wholesale Corporation, other than being a regular customer. These views are my own and I was not compensated in any way for my review.



  1. Melanie Allen says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I have found some wonderful recipes in these cookbooks, however, I was out of state and wanted to make one of my favorites, “Nook and Cranny Souffle”. I went to the website and searched for the cookbook and it came back as “no matches found”.

    So….I took a chance on a web search….you are amazing. I currently have the last three cookbooks and I now have access to all the previous issues.

    Again, thank you.

    Melanie Allen

    • says

      Hi Melanie: You’re so welcome and thank you for visiting Teenie Cakes. =) I’m glad you found the recipe you were looking for. They are great cookbooks and I wish I had all of them in my cookbook collection.

      Have a great weekend and happy holiday this weekend!

  2. Dee thigpen says

    you did not say cook book only available over thanksgiving weekend, and I went today and was told this. you should let people know the real rules for getting a cookbook

  3. says

    It’s funny I never go in there on a Sat., but I had to take my daughter for food for her dorm and got a free copy, I was so excited, I’ve never gotten one before. So glad you put the link to previous years, I bet there are lots of other good recipes. How you had a great holiday!

    • says

      Hi Liana: Costco doesn’t mail it to members, you need to pick ’em up in their stores/warehouse. Sometimes they’ll be at the door as you enter passing them out, or have a table set-up in the store where you can pick one up. :)

      I don’t know if it’s just for the US stores or not.

  4. Samantha says

    Thank you for the reminder and links to past cookbooks. I missed my copy the last two years. Hope theres still some left.

  5. RKM says

    Thank you so much for posting on this cookbook. It is a great reminder for me to go to Costco and pick one up before they are all gone. I love your site.

  6. says

    I never knew about these cookbooks! Thanks for this post. I might have to head to Costco today to see if there are any left.