Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins & Baby Boo too!

Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins photography | TeenieCakes.com

October and Halloween festivities are behind us. However, one of the hallmarks of the fall season, pumpkins, are still very much a presence for the rest of Autumn. Pumpkins for eating both its meat and seeds offer not only health benefits, but possibilities of palate teasing sweet and savory fare. Pumpkin varieties of all types, colors, shapes and sizes make for long lasting decor that can endure well into next year. So what are we making…

I have a stack of both sweet and savory recipes I’m getting ready to attack…all centered around using pumpkins!

The Jack-Be-Little and Baby Boo Pumpkins

These miniature pumpkins always make me smile, forget any woes and starts the season off for me when I find them in my grocery store in mid-late September. Jack-Be-Little (orange) and Baby Boo (white) pumpkins are smaller varieties that are used for both decoration and eating.

The tiny pumpkins can fit in the palm of your hand, measure about 2-3 inches in diameter with well defined ribs and a firm flesh. Planting these little cuties yields about 5-20 fruits per plant and would be a fun, learning-experience project with the kids. Guess what I’m aspiring to plant next year? :)

Jack-Be-Little & Baby Boo Pumpkins photography | TeenieCakes.com

I’ve seen these used as tea light holders (see my Pinterest page under DIY-Great Ideas), by cutting out a hole in the top and setting a tea light in the middle. Also, Martha Stewart featured pastry chef Chris Broberg of the Four Season Restaurant share his Candied Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins.

Jack-Be-Little & Baby Boo as a centerpiece

As a fairly inexpensive, simple and elegant centerpiece I’ve layered these minis in tall clear glass vases. One vase is all white pumpkins with one or two orange ones to break up the color – and the other vase is adorned with all orange pumpkins with one or two white ones.

The Jack-Be-Little & Baby Boo Pumpkins can last a long time. I’ve had some last well into the following summer and then I’ve had some minis last only a couple of weeks (which is not usual).

Mini Pumpkins - Centerpiece Fall Decor | TeenieCakes.com

Disclosure: My experiences and opinions of the Jack-Be-Little and Baby Boo pumpkin variety are my own. I was not compensated monetarily or provided products for review or mention of these items. I am not affiliated or associated with Burpee Seed Company other than being a retail customer.



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  1. Chona says

    Awww Cristina, i love the idea of putting all those teeny weeny boo boo’s ( lol ) – ooh i love that! teeny weeny boo boo’s hahaha…in a vase – such an exquisite centerpiece! I don’t know if i can find those minis here in England, i very doubt it. I so admire your photography. You & Ray of Wok With Ray are both talented in photography. Cheers to you! xxx