Chewy and Tender Gingersnap Cookies

Chewy and Tender Gingersnap Cookies recipe

I’ve been trying different cookie recipes this holiday season, apart from some of the more classics and my go-to favorites. While some gingersnaps have a sharp bite, these are tender in that sharpness and have a chewy texture.

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Cranberry-Orange Bran Muffins with Walnuts

Cranberry-Orange Bran Muffins with Walnuts recipe

Not everything baked during the holiday season needs to be ooey-gooey and laden with sugary fatness!

These wholesome bran muffins are adorned with fresh bright cranberries with a touch of orange sweetness and boast a tender texture from the Greek yogurt…

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7 Ways with Sugared Pepitas (candied pumpkin seeds)

Sugared Pepitas (Sugared Pumpkin Seeds) recipe

For your baked goods, savory treats or for snacking, this is a quick and easy staple to whip up when pumpkin seeds are available. Keep extra on hand because these sugared pepitas (candied pumpkin seeds) can get a lot of mileage and add that extra special touch!

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Oatmeal Sugar Cookie Cups w/Pumpkin-Spice Kisses

Oatmeal Sugar Cookie Cups w/Pumpkin Spice Kisses

What’s really notable about these cookie cups, besides the obvious Pumpkin Spice Kisses, is the overall texture. The outside has a crispy texture, biting on through the cookie it gently gives way into the candy middle and the rest of the chewy cookie underneath.

2014 PMA Fresh Summit - 12 Products & Produce to Watch for

12 Products & Produce to watch for – PMA’s Fresh Summit

As I shared in a previous post about the Fresh Summit, it was absolutely dizzying the amount of booths, exhibits, product and attendees. This is just a tiny sample of what was on the expo floor and what I was able to capture.

2014 PMA Fresh Summit - Watermelon Carving

This Year at the PMA Fresh Summit with Team Fresh Summit

The Fresh Summit is a yearly event where the produce and floral industry leaders from over 60 countries meet to share ideas, inspire and showcase up and coming trends and products within the industry. It’s almost dizzying how many booths, exhibits, entertainment, produce, food and people are on the floor!

Sweet corn risotto with parmesan, basil and bacon recipe |

Sweet Corn Risotto with Parmesan, Basil and Bacon

As a side or main dish, there’s nothing quite like a meal that includes a serving of creamy rich Risotto with good, seasonal ingredients! The sweetness from the corn with the salty bacon and aromatic and flavorful basil will have you wanting a second serving.

Fig Ice Cream recipe

Fig Ice Cream with Black Mission Fig Compote

If you like ice cream…if you like fresh figs…you have to try this ice cream! Even if you’ve never tasted a fresh fig, but you like ice cream…you have to try this ice cream with its Black Mission Fig Compote!

Tomato Jam recipe |

Late Summer’s Harvest – Homemade Tomato Jam

I really liked the method of this recipe and the versatility in use of tomato jam. Sweet or Savory, it’s your preference which way to go, plus 8 ways with homemade tomato jam!