Edible, Organic Gardening: Figs, Peaches, Pears, Purple Bell Peppers and Guavas…

Edible Gardening - Pears | TeenieCakes.com

Edible Gardening – Pears | TeenieCakes.com

My favorite kitchen appliance, the oven, has been a bit off these last weeks and in much need of calibration. Thankfully, it’s something I can do myself as soon as one very important tool arrives for me to calibrate it with, an oven monitoring thermometer. Until then…I thought this would be as good a time as any to journal what I’ve been up to in one of my favorite places – our edible garden of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Fresh, organic, and edible culinary delights!

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Homemade Pear Preserves recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Homemade Pear Preserves

Over the holidays, I came across a tart recipe that called for pear preserves. The flavors and ingredients in the tart were alluring enough so I didn't think twice about it listing pear preserves. However, in my local markets pear preserves could not easily be found. Checking in specialty shops was the discovery, but not for those gourmet prices ! Making this jar of preserves was easy

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The Kishu Mandarin | Cristina A-Moore Photography for TeenieCakes.com

Sizing Up the Seedless Kishu Mandarin

Last year our landscape and garden welcomed several citrus trees, one being a beautiful tree that bears smallish Kishu Mandarins! Only just adopted and planted as a container plant in a large wooden whiskey barrel, it did not disappoint in its first year with dozens of bright pixie-sized fruit! While researching and searching the San Diego area for these fruit-bearing treasures, I couldn't

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Wild mushroom in the snow from Mariposa Grove, CA | TeenieCakes.com

End of Holiday Season and New Year’s Eve

The final hours of yet another year draws near and the beauty that is the holiday season comes to its end. A bright and shiny new year awaits us. Health, happiness and good fortune to you and those near and dear to your heart!! XO - Cristina

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Apple Pecan Cake recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Apple Pecan Cake

This is a great cake for any time of the year. The recipe includes ingredients that you'll readily have in your refrigerator or pantry (for the cook or baker). Ingredients like an apple, pecans, yogurt, and applesauce makes for a more healthful but moist treat of a cake...

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Cream Puffs - Drizzling Chocolate Glaze | TeenieCakes.com

Cream Puff (Choux Pastry) Nibblers

The tradition started when I was a kid growing up in Southern California. Eclairs from a downtown bakery for Christmas Eve festivities. I'll always remember that happiness and anticipation when my Mom and Dad would come home from the bakery with a couple of large, pink bakery boxes. One eclair for each person. The agony was in the waiting for dessert time and wishing those eclairs were made

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Holiday Cranberries | Cristina A-Moore Photography for TeenieCakes.com

Giving Thanks -and- Holiday Cranberries

Wishing you, your family, and those dear to your heart, a happy and safe holiday weekend. With the observance of our Thanksgiving holiday so late and at the end of the November month, it will be a quick three weeks for those who celebrate the Christmas season! Thank you for allowing me and my tiny journal to be a part of your days. ~Cristina

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