Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Corn Lasagna (GF)

zucchini, yellow squash and corn lasagna (GF) - recipe

This is a fantastic recipe to use up your harvest of summer and garden abundance of squash and corn. Use either or both zucchini and yellow squash and the season’s sweet fresh corn kernels for this gluten free, main dish treat!

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No churn, cream or sugar – Banana-Maple Cinnamon Ice Cream

No churn, no cream & no white/brwn sugar added - Banana-Maple Cinnamon Ice-Cream recipe

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Ice cream that has no white or brown sugar (although it does contain maple syrup), doesn’t contain heavy creams and doesn’t need to be churned (meaning no ice cream machine required!).

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Juiciest Peach in the World

Babcock Peaches - Dita Von Teese quote

Our Babcock peach season ended weeks ago. I shouldn’t complain because we enjoyed a bountiful harvest…

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Organic Edible Garden in Southern California - TeenieCakes.com

Edible Gardening Section Expanded

It’s been sometime in the making…A newer main part of the journal – the Edible Gardening section expanded…

Baby Heirloom Tomato Tarts with Goat Cheese & Herbs recipe - TeenieCakes.com

Baby Heirloom Tomato Tarts with Goat Cheese & Herbs

These little tarts are the perfect appetizers or side dish while baby heirloom, cherry or grape tomatoes are at their best!

Individual Chicken-Vegetable Pot Pies w/Puff Pastry Crust - TeenieCakes.com

Individual Chicken-Vegetable Pot Pies w/Puff Pastry Crust & Dream Kitchen Planning

I reworked a favorite recipe and hearty meal for chicken pot pies by adding more of a variety of vegetables and using flaky puff pastry. I’m also having some fun planning for a dream kitchen with ideas that can be done in a weekend and without a full remodel!

Easy Roasted Parmesan Herbed Potatoes and Cauliflower - TeenieCakes.com

Easy Roasted Parmesan Herbed Idaho® Potatoes and Cauliflower

Whether I’m entertaining, preparing dinner for the weekday or weekend, roasting potatoes paired with other vegetables could not be easier…

Edible Indoor Gardening - Sprout seeds - TeenieCakes.com

Indoor Edible Gardening with Sprouts and Microgreens & now on Yummly

I’ve been sharing about our edible gardening for a few years now. I’m about to start some Indoor Edible Gardening starting with sprouts and then moving right along to microgreens…

Vegetable Garden Harvest - Peppers and Tomatoes - TeenieCakes.com

What I’m Reading: “The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden” – for my Edible Garden

It’s not too late to get started for a bountiful fruit and vegetable harvest from your home gardens…