Homegrown Goodness: Summer Sweet and Juicy Babcock Peaches

Babcock Peaches - Cristina A-Moore Photography

With summer in full gear, it’s also time to enjoy sweet and juicy Babcock peaches (or any other variety for that matter!).

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Sweet & In Season – Apriums

Sweet & in season - Apriums® - TeenieCakes.com

At first glance, these beauties look like apricots. Take one more look. These seasonal treats are a blissful marriage of an apricot + plum resulting in a sweet, unblemished, tasty fruit treat…

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Fresh Fava Beans, Tomatoes & Mint Bruschetta

Fresh Fava Beans, Tomato with Mint Bruschetta - TeenieCakes.com

As a small plate, appetizer, side dish or a quick snack, this bruschetta is bright, colorful and packs a tasty punch with fresh spring fava beans, cherry or grape tomatoes, some sprigs of mint and then drizzled with fresh lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil. It’s a meal in itself!

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Vegetable Garden Harvest - Peppers and Tomatoes - TeenieCakes.com

What I’m Reading: “The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden” – for my Edible Garden

It’s not too late to get started for a bountiful fruit and vegetable harvest from your home gardens…

Pistachios “Fool Yourself Full” - TeenieCakes.com

The Pistachio Principle: Fool Yourself Full – Healthy Snacking Tips

This April, play a prank on your appetite and fool yourself full with pistachios!

Mini Apple and Cream Cheese Pies - TeenieCakes.com

Individual and Mini Apple and Cream Cheese Pies

Isn’t it always the right time for a slice of homemade pie?

Citrus-EVOO Mixed Spring Salad Mix w/Kale Sprouts, Ojai Pixies and Sugared Pistachios

Citrus-EVOO Spring Salad Mix w/Kale Sprouts, Ojai Pixies & Sugared Pistachios

A Citrus-EVOO Mixed Spring Salad Mix w/Kale Sprouts, Ojai Pixies® & Sugared Pistachios – A tasty, pretty salad that packs a punch of nutrients featuring kale sprouts with an ever-so-light dressing using juice from an Ojai Pixie and some good ol’ extra-virgin olive oil.

Behind the Lens - Shades Of Grey - Cristina A-Moore Photography

Behind the Lens – Shades Of Grey

Even a photographer’s test shots can inspire further exploration…

Roasted Parmesan Kale Sprouts recipe - TeenieCakes.com

Salad, Vegetable or Pasta Topper – Roasted Parmesan Kale Sprouts

Let’s roast these little colorful kale sprouts for a quick and versatile side, nibble or better yet – a topping for meals that include pasta, vegetables or salads.