Apricots and White Chocolate, Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

Apricots and White Chocolate, Walnut Oatmeal Cookies recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Oatmeal cookies. Just about any way you dress them, they make you feel like you’re eating wholesome goodness just because it has “oats” in it. The pairing of the slight tang of the dried apricots with the subtle sweetness of white chocolate chips makes for a tasty combination in this oatmeal cookie classic.

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Chocolate covered frozen banana bon-bons with pistachios recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Chocolate covered frozen Banana Bon-Bons with Pistachios

It will be your little secret that these hand dipped, chocolate covered frozen banana bon-bons with pistachios are full of potassium and antioxidants! The dark chocolate with a dribble of either butter, coconut, vegetable or canola oil creates a firm chocolate shell outside a creamy frozen banana bite. You almost can't believe that it's really just a banana and not ice cream or some yogurt

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Guava, Banana & Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Guava, Banana & Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Summer is in full swing now. There's no turning back, only moving forward and enjoying what the summer season has to offer. That means the year is already halfway through! My palate has been re-awakened with a flavor I haven't had since I was still a kid in grade school. Now my mind is all a buzz to incorporate my rediscovered childhood love, Guava. I've never actually tasted a real guava

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Double Chocolate Ricotta Muffins w/Kumquats & Walnuts recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Double Chocolate Ricotta Muffins with Kumquats & Walnuts

I've been on a chocolate binge these last months. Really. Crave chocolate more than I ever have and noticed that I don't have a lot of chocolate recipes on Teenie Cakes that reflects my adoration for the ingredient. Will be changing that. These are quick to whip up double chocolate muffins that use cocoa powder in the batter and then some chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. The ricotta cheese

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Meyer Lemon Curd - Teenie Cakes

Foolproof and Luscious, Light Meyer Lemon Curd

As our fruit trees start sharing more of their gifts and with every season of bountiful harvests from the garden and markets, I want to steal a bit of the season and extend it through homemade goodness like curds, preserves, jams, jellies, butters, and marmalades...goodies in a jar(s)! It's something I really never considered or was interested in, even a few years ago. What has encouraged that

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Meyer Lemon Friands - Tea Cakes recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Meyer Lemon Friands (Tea Cakes) & Lemon Cakes for Sansa Stark

There's still plenty of Meyer Lemons to use up, both in the refrigerator and still on our tree. What could be more light, fresh, and screams spring-time than bright, beautiful Meyer Lemons? Making use of both its precious juices and zest, I'm incorporating those ingredients in these tender French cakelets, the friand.

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Homemade Pear Preserves recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Homemade Pear Preserves

Over the holidays, I came across a tart recipe that called for pear preserves. The flavors and ingredients in the tart were alluring enough so I didn't think twice about it listing pear preserves. However, in my local markets pear preserves could not easily be found. Checking in specialty shops was the discovery, but not for those gourmet prices ! Making this jar of preserves was easy

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