Bid Summer Farewell, Welcome Autumn

Autumn leaves

Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.

I’ve always preferred the season name of “autumn” rather than “fall.” Either words are correct in writing, although fall is considered more informal and a choice word usage when conversing. Autumn is more scientific, as in the autumnal equinox and when using the word, leaves no doubt that we are referring to a season.

This image is from one of our Japanese maples when it transitions into an array of seasonal colors from orange, crimson, yellows and red in late fall through our early winter. The beauty it shares with us every year is just spectacular!

Autumn. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful name to use for a newborn baby girl?

Bid summer farewell, welcome autumn. Here’s to a happy, beautiful and healthy new season!

Two-Colored Squash Cake and Squash Pistachio Crisps Biscotti

Two-Colored Squash Cake and Squash Pistachio Crisps Biscotti

Still have some garden squash from your harvest or stocked up from the market to use with your Inspiralizers? I have a hidden gem of a cake to share that uses two different squash (zucchini and yellow squash), adorned with pistachios and sprinkled with fennel seeds. It’s a keeper and I’m calling it Two-Colored Squash Cake and Squash Pistachio Crisps Biscotti!

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We Remember…

The National September 11 Memorial, New York

It’s been 14 years since that nightmarish, tragic day when our country lost nearly 3,000 innocents – leaving us scarred forever.

Last December, we visited The National September 11 Memorial in New York. It is truly a hauntingly beautiful and majestic tribute in honor of those that lost their lives surrounding that day. One cannot help but feel emotional reverence at its magnificence and leave you contemplative as the thousands of names are inscribed into bronze panels that surround both of the Memorial pools. Walking around both of the twin reflecting pools can be both overwhelming and dizzying as you reflect on the enormity of the tragedy.

We remember…