Pumpkin Pie Spices Spritz Butter Cookies – OXO Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

Pumpkin Pie Spices - Spritz Butter Cookies recipe | TeenieCakes.com #OXOGoodCookies

Smallish and delicate, these spritz butter cookies with pumpkin pie spices will have you hooked with their adorable, uniform appearance and their buttery light texture.

I’m using an OXO spritz cookie press for these cute pumpkin shaped treats and at the same time I’m also supporting Bake a Difference with OXO for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer movement…

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Food In Focus: Dry-Farmed Tomatoes

Dry-Farmed Tomatoes | TeenieCakes.com

We were visiting outside San Diego County a couple of weeks ago and stopped at a Jimbo’s Market. I was in awe of a good size bin of the most beautiful, deep red tomatoes. At first I thought I was looking at the healthiest looking big, plump cherry tomatoes. The gardener in me was already envious that my own beautiful garden produce didn’t look like these, ruby red cherry tomatoes. A kind gentlemen came up beside me with a plastic bag in hand and started sharing about what he knew about these gorgeous fruits (scientifically speaking, tomatoes are fruits!).

Dry-Farmed Tomatoes” he tells me. As he proudly explains the process, he’s also attesting on how they’re the best tasting tomatoes he’s ever had and that they’re worth the price. Another man, comes up next to us, bag in hand and starts picking through the generous market offerings too. The second gentleman joins the convo agreeing that these were the best and that he was glad they made an appearance again in this market.

I had to have a stash of my own and picked out some hero tomatoes to try, educate myself on the process…and share these beauties on TC.

What are Dry-Farmed Tomatoes?

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Mini Chocolate Zucchini Carrot Cakes w/Cream Cheese Cinnamon, Ginger Topping

chocolate zucchini carrot cakes with whipped cinnamon, ginger cream cheese topping recipe | TeenieCakes.com

chocolate zucchini carrot cakes with whipped cinnamon, ginger cream cheese topping

These little decadent chocolate cakes are full of healthy secrets. Whether you bake up my recipe for small cakes or make a larger cake, your picky eaters will never guess that you’ve cleverly used some summer zucchini and a carrot for good measure! Besides its chocolaty and moist goodness, the distraction will be the light and whipped cream cheese cinnamon, ginger topping – and its hint of orange…

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Roasted Corn with Spicy Mayo-Lime & Cotija Cheese recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Roasted Corn with Spicy Mayo-Lime & Cotija Cheese and ZipList Partnership!

Combinations of cheeses, spices and fresh herbs make summer’s beautiful corn harvest a side or snack to be remembered…

Carrot Apple Nut Mini-Muffins recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Carrot Apple Nut Muffins & Mini-Muffins with Yogurt

A wholesome muffin combining both a vegetable and fruit with oat bran, yogurt, nuts – the warmth of cinnamon, and raisins.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gelato - Ice Cream recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Olive Oil Gelato

It’s sweet, light and creamy with a hint of…is it floral? Challenging to describe but I enjoyed the novelty of it AND that it uses my very favorite cooking and baking oil…in an ice cream!

summer’s tomato harvest- edible gardening | TeenieCakes.com

Food In Focus: Summer’s Figs and Tomatoes Harvest

This is part of my “edible garden” category on the Teenie Cakes photography journal. A few captures from last year’s harvest that I never shared and these images never saw the light of day again after they were downloaded. Some thoughts and photographer notes…

Strawberry and Apricot Crisp with Pine-Nut Crumble recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Strawberry and Apricot Crisp with Pine-Nut Crumble

Seasonal summer fruits, fresh strawberries and apricots, are paired together in this classic crisp fruit dessert. One of the gems to this recipe is the use of pine nuts in the crumble topping!

Guava Jam and Cream Cheese Pastries (pastelito de guayaba) recipe | TeenieCakes.com

Rustic Guava Jam and Cream Cheese Pastries (pastelito de guayaba)

Inside that buttery and flaky pastry is a smear of cream cheese, a dollop (your preference as to how much) of guava jam/jelly and a sprinkle of freshly grated lemon zest to balance out the flavors!